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Should you Recycle an Ex à la Bennifer?

September 30, 2022 Angela Marie Christian Season 1 Episode 30
Her Circle
Should you Recycle an Ex à la Bennifer?
Show Notes

In this Fearless Friday episode, I dive into the popular topic of: should you recycle an ex?

I am guilty of doing this in the past (too many times), but I've realized now it comes down to three questions:

1) What's the motivation? Are you just scared or needing comfort?

If so, that's okay...just be real with yourself.  Our primal brain is here to keep us feeling safe (which = familiar).  It's no surprise at all if you break up with someone and want to return to an ex...just be aware of the intentions behind it.

2) Has there been inner work / self-growth on either side? If not, it probably won't work out. Again.

Not trying to be a hater here as I KNOW how easy it is to fall back into the romantic "Notebook" type feels, okay?

BUT, if neither of you have done any huge transformational work, why would it work out this time?? Just something to keep in mind .

3) Are you truly compatible?

What I've found is that whenever I've "recycled" an ex, at some point, I come to the conclusion: "Oh yeah, this is why we broke up..." It's really important for you to take some time and figure out your non-negotiable items. 

Remember: you'll never be able to love yourself ABOVE the level of self-love you have.  It's more important to work on loving yourself vs running to an ex who won't fulfill your needs (in my opinion).

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