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How to Boost your Copywriting and Online Business Success with the Copy Queen: Tarla Makaeff

July 31, 2022 Angela Marie Christian Season 1 Episode 23
The 5D CFO
How to Boost your Copywriting and Online Business Success with the Copy Queen: Tarla Makaeff
Show Notes

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow DCA grad who has had amazing success with social media and an online business. 

Tarla Makaeff, the Copy Queen and founder of the Iconic Copy course, is a published author, online business coach, and digital course creator, who helps creative, heart centered women start their own purpose filled business online and scale their brand with copy that converts. She’s helping hundreds of entrepreneurs craft their business strategy and messaging for ultimate growth, while increasing their self-love along the way.

You'll love Tarla's story about leaving a (low paying) job as a copywriter to launching a 7 figure copywriting freelance career!

We talk about the common struggles of starting a business in this digital world and she shares her tried and true tips.  Copywriting can literally be the determining factor of your success, so this is a really important topic for ALL online businesses.

If you want to learn more about Tarla, you can check her out here.  Or get straight to work by purchasing a copy of her book:  The Essential Guide to your First Month of Online Marketing, where she'll walk you through a step-by-step roadmap to success.

Tarla has been featured in numerous online publications including LA Weekly, New York Weekly, Bloomberg, Influencive, Influencer Daily, and more.  Her mission is to empower women to go after their wildest dreams and become forces in this world so they can make the impact they desire. She lives in Los Angeles with her two beloved puggles, Bentley and Jaden.

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