How to Stop Living Life by Default: A Peek Into my 6 Step Framework of Manifestation

July 17, 2022 Angela Marie Christian Season 1 Episode 22
How to Stop Living Life by Default: A Peek Into my 6 Step Framework of Manifestation
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In this solo episode, I break down what "living by default" and living at effect truly means.  We have a lot more power over our lives than we give ourselves credit for, that's for sure.

I share a personal example of how I decided (energetically and vocally) to start living my life at cause and how the Universe supported me.

I also walk you through my 6 step framework for successful manifestation, which I haven't discussed before. 

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to her circle, a virtual women's group, where the focus is leveling up your life. My name is Angela Christian, and I'm your host. I hope you navigate a new path in your life while I do the same, whether it's mindfulness, manifestation, mental fitness, women's health or business tips. I'm your girl. After a decade in corporate finance, I'm finally pursuing a career. I love as I learn how to do this, I'll share every step of the way. Not only that, but I'll teach you how to become more, present, how to listen to your higher self and how to listen to your body. My guests, and I will talk about spiritual and personal development relationships, trauma, and how to find your purpose stick with me and let's grow together. This is her circle While, hello. I'm so excited to discuss this topic with you today because it's really important that we take control of our lives. So is anyone else feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all the news, all the social media, like so much to do, it really is a lot, or is that just me?<laugh>, I'm also in the middle of a move. So it could certainly be me, you know, as an entrepreneur juggling so many things, especially as a mother, sometimes it's hard to know where to find guidance, what to do. So that's why, when I feel overwhelmed, I first acknowledge, okay, I am doing this to myself. So for one, I'm allowing myself to scroll too much on social media, which takes up a lot of precious time. Um, it can make you feel like you're not where you should be, or maybe you are also chasing shiny objects. Which for me, that means courses. Like I, I sometimes get FOMO and I'm like, oh, I have to take this course. Um, I probably have like 15 courses that I need to take, or, you know, maybe you're not spending time working on things that aren't going to help your bottom line. So just being really aware of these things and understanding why, because procrastination is not something that lazy people do. Procrastination means there's actually something going on under the surface that needs to be addressed. Usually it's a fear of something else. So, or an overwhelm. So for me, I know that I am feeling a little overwhelmed with my move. I've lived in this house for three and a half years. It's a four bedroom, four bath, two story house, um, has a lot of stuff in it. And I am downgrading and moving into, I mean, I'm so happy to be moving, but I'm, I mean that I'm downgrading my staff, like I'm getting rid of so much, I'm purging and moving into a smaller space because I don't need such a large home anymore. So it's a lot of work just going through all your paperwork, all your books, all your clothes. They've just been sitting there for three and a half years. It's just, it's a lot. So when I noticed that this last week that I've been scrolling through social media a lot more than normal, I knew that there was an underlying fear or overwhelm. So when you're able to have that kind of self-awareness awareness, you waste less time because you are able to be honest with yourself. So I did, I just said, you know what? I know you're going through a divorce. I know you're moving to a new house. You are juggling. Um, you know, now I'm an entrepreneur juggling so much. Then I breathe. I meditate. I focus on what I want to bring into my life because I know I have the power to do that. And once you know that you can't not know that we have always been a society where the majority lives by default and you might be thinking, what does that mean? Well, it just means basically living on autopilot and not examining the underlying beliefs that have created an unhappy life and then not taking any responsibility for the results. So when we're living by default, we are living by the subconscious programs that were built into us from ages zero to seven. I'll talk a little bit more about that in a minute. And I've talked a lot about it in general, um, on other podcasts, but it is like a foundational piece of manifestation and really changing how your life is, um, you know, the trajectory of your life. I didn't understand how this worked until I attended my first course in energy work. So some of you might know my background, but I've studied in mysticism, shamanism, Reiki, astrology. Um, and then I also attended, I always call it the Harry Potter school because it was a very magical school. I learned so much. Um, I learned how to read people's energy. I learned how to read past lives. I learned how to change the color of the room to a different vibration. It was very, very powerful, but anybody can do it. I'm not special. It's just, I decided to cultivate this built in superpower. And you could to, so the school that I went to is called the foundation of spiritual development. And we were taught there that we can either live at cause or at effect, living at cause means collaborating with the universe or source or God or whatever you wanna call it. Um, so that you have a say in how your life turns out, where living at effect means you're just living on autopilot, living and letting life happen to you, but you have a choice. So now that you know that, do you want to live a default life where you're just living out your programs from childhood, or do you wanna co-create it with the universe and really pivot into your power? So, you know, most people don't know that they have a choice and this is why I absolutely love the work that I do. I want you to feel empowered, not fearful. And there's no reason in the world for you to stay in an unhappy relationship or a job that energetically drains you. I mean, when you know, what's possible, you will feel relief and yes, you still get overwhelmed. Just like, you know, this last week I've caught myself procrastinating and that's just a sign to me that there's something going on that I need to address. So it's all about being aware of, you know, what your programs are and then what is actually happening. So there's a process of course, and it's really important that it's done in the right order, because if it's not, or a piece is missing, then it's not going to be successful. And this is something that I've had some trouble explaining to people because they think, oh, well, I already know how to do that, or I know how to do that. So I'll just skip to this part. It doesn't work like that. So I'm a big believer in, we all have things to teach and share. We all have unique stories and experiences. So I love learning from people even about manifestation. I follow many manifestation coaches. I like taking their programs because I feel like everybody has their own spin on things. So one of the worst phrases that you, that people can say is, I already know that because that just blocks you, right? So most people are really stuck. I don't know if this is you, but they're stuck where they're at. And I'll give you an example of what happened to me when I decided to make a change. And I announced to myself to the universe, to my spirit team that I was ready. I was really ready to stop playing small. I had been scared for a long time. I knew what I was capable of, but I was scared. And so when I did finally tell the universe or source that I was ready to leave an unhappy relationship, ready to fulfill my purpose on this earth very quickly. And at the same time, I lost my long time finance job that I honestly had been holding onto like a little blanky, you know, like kids carry around a blanky or a stuffed animal. Um, it just felt safe to me, even though I'd outgrown it, it wasn't really a place where I felt like I was thriving. I loved the people and my clients, but I definitely hit a ceiling, but I would've, it would've been really hard for me to leave on my own. However, because I had that, I couldn't really focus as much as I wanted on my business. So it was a blessing. And I know that came directly from my decision energetically and vocally that I was ready for more. And then I also filed for divorce, but it didn't stop there. I also, at the same time got COVID, um, which I know was just so that I would rest, which was exactly what I needed. Um, so I lost my job. And two days later I got COVID and I just gave myself permission to lay in bed for about two weeks. And I really needed that as a time to grieve and to move on to the next chapter in my life. And I would not have done that if I hadn't got COVID. So there's a really fine balance and a really beautiful relationship between you and the universe and your guides. And instead of thinking, like, if I was someone else I would've said, oh my God, the world is working against me. What is going on? I also found out that I had to move out of this, um, home, which deep down I really wanted to, that also happened quickly. So all of this was happening so that I could upgrade my life all at once. Sure. This could have been dragged out, you know, maybe I would've filed for divorce. Then six months later, I would've, uh, lost my job. And then six months later, I would've, you know, the universe knew, I knew that I could handle it. And I knew that I wouldn't sit here and say, poor me. Yes, it was difficult. Still is, but, but I know what's coming. And all of the things that were holding me back are now falling away and just to make myself feel better, my psychic and my healer, who are two different people, they don't know each other. They helped me get through through it by focusing on that as well. And assured me that what I was seeing was also what they were seeing, because even the most enlightened people can still get like sucked into the eye of the hurricane and have trouble getting out. And sometimes you just need someone to reach in and grab you and support you. And you just wanna hear someone else say what you already know and that's okay. That's part of being human. Our ego is made to keep us plain small and keep us safe. And any time that you have, even the slightest desire to step outside of your comfort zone, or, you know, invest in a course or invest in a coach, do anything that is going to improve your life. Your ego is going to rise up and it's going to start telling you all the excuses, you can't do this. You don't have the time. You don't have the money, you know, who are you to do this, um, that that's coming from your ego. So just remember that. And we're never going to get rid of our ego completely, but we can diminish the power that it has and we can make it move to the back seat of the car and just be an annoying voice. Like, you know, are we there yet? Like that kind of annoying person, um, where you're like, okay, thanks for sharing, not interested. So just remember that, like, you don't have to completely kill off your ego, which is very, very difficult to do, but just knowing that it's there to protect you and say, thank you for protecting me, but I am going to invest in this because this is going to, you know, get me from a to B. So I wanted to break down the process. Um, and the framework that I teach in my course and my coaching, obviously I can't break it all down here because the course is eight weeks long, but I wanted to give you at least like the basics. And then you can decide, like, try to do this on your own, or you can come join my manifestation mastery course that starts July 26th. And then I will coach you and support you through it while also teaching you some amazing energy healing skills. So my framework has six pieces and I'll go through each number one, clarity, number two, action, number three, healing, number four, energy number five amplification and number six collaboration. So I'm gonna dive into each and give you a little bit of a background. So clarity. So the very first step, there's an exercise. I walk everybody through. We really make sure that your goals are heart centered, meaning that they're true to you, not something that this, that your family or society has placed. And then we get very clear on your goals as well. However, after you get very clear on your goals, you do need to release them, knowing that they'll come to you in the best possible way or better. So some people will say, I want to make$50,000 for my course launch in three months. That's very specific. So it's okay to be specific, but that it's a little bit, it's a more collaborative process. When you can say something like my goal is to make$50,000 or better in the next year, and I'm open to how it shows up. So then you aren't blocking yourself because as soon as you set a timeline on something, your ego is going to be noticing like, oh, it's not happening. Oh, it's not happening. It's a week away. It's not happening. You know, that monkey mind is gonna start going off and it's going to block you. So this is really important. And I, I just help you figure out the right way to get clear and then to release it to divine timing. However, step two is action. So you can't stop at clarity. You absolutely have to take aligned action. Um, it sh ideally it would be every day and I'm talking very small steps. Um, even if you don't have time one day, for example, as long as you visualize yourself doing something that counts, because our brain doesn't know the difference between visualizing doing something and actually doing it when you're taking aligned action, it does several things. It activates one of your built in superpowers called your RA your particular activating system, which I teach all about in the course. And then I also have weekly exercises to, um, strengthen it. It also shows your higher self and the universe that you're serious about this goal. And that's going to get you closer because a lot of manifestation teachings stop and they don't recommend the action piece, but the action piece is super, super important. Uh, number three is healing. This is the most crucial piece of all of this. It's healing your childhood blocks. And I talk about this all the time. If you follow me on Instagram, Angela Marie Christian, I'm always sharing information about this. I'll give you a quick rundown. So from ages zero to seven, we were in a brainwave called theta, which is also, uh, hypnosis and imagination. So during this time from ages zero to seven, we were walking around basically like little computer programs. And this is where all of our beliefs came from both good and bad. They came from our parents, they came from society, whatever you are struggling with in life, whether it's money or relationships or health, it just simply means that you have a program that doesn't support success in that area. It does not mean you're doomed to fail. So that's the first step is finding that piece of it. So I have specific exercises in my course where I walk everybody through, you know, finding healing and reprogramming their love, blocks, their money blocks, et cetera. And basically once you do it for one area, it's kind of the same technique for all. However, the love and the money, one they're a little different and they're, I've had such great success and so much positive feedback from these exercises. So I highly recommend, um, joining and going through those exercises. So once you find your blocks, heal them reprogram reprogram them. That's where you start really seeing a big difference. So for example, we, we were all born with a financial blueprint that was based on what our parents said about money, how they acted around money. Did they fight, you know, about money, all of that created a financial blueprint. And within that financial blueprint, for example, you might have a goal of just, you know, getting by or just being comfortable, or maybe you feel good with a salary of$70,000 a year. So think of it like this, your thermostat, if it's always set at 70 degrees, no matter how hot it gets or cold, it's always going to go back to 70 degrees. And it's the same thing with your financial blueprint, if you do nothing. So if you have this idea in your head from programming, that says$70,000 is where I wanna be. That's going to be like your baseline, or I just wanna get by if that's what you're always saying, I just wanna get by, or I just wanna be a little bit comfortable. That's like a block. It's a limit that you're putting on yourself when you have a right, just like everybody else to be wealthy. And the reason why that I love money and I talk about money is because the more good hearted kind people that have money, the more of a difference we can make in this world. And right now we need more good people that have a lot of money. So yes, I absolutely love helping good people get rich. So this step it's very tricky. Um, I also, because I'm a mental fitness coach, I also walk you through this program where you find your saboteurs and you figure out which ones are standing in the way of success again, in, in various areas. So this is like the biggest piece is the healing. Um, if you miss this step, nothing else will matter. It's not going to be successful to be totally honest, because those programs that we developed from ages zero to seven, those run our life 95% of the time. And that's part of living. Um, a default life is because you're, we're all walking around, living these programs from childhood that don't serve us as adults. So our conscious mind, the thoughts that you hear, the logic, the reasoning that mind only rules your life by 5% or 5% of the time. So I like to share this example, if you go to a seminar and you're like, oh my God, that, that was so life changing. I learned so many aha moments. You, your conscious mind learned aha moments, but your subconscious mind doesn't work like that. It learned nothing, and that's not going to do anything for these blocks that are deeply rooted and emotional. And so when it comes down to something, usually emotion always wins. That's like, you know, you're dating someone and on, on paper, you're just like, oh my gosh, this person, a lot of red flags, but Ugh, I just feel so connected to them. And you know, you, you don't follow your logic. Rarely you follow the emotion, you follow your heart. And that's the same thing with subconscious versus conscious. Our conscious mind is just rational. It's, you know, all these thoughts, a lot of fear based thoughts. Um, but your subconscious isn't like that. And so this is a really key piece to learn about, and I teach more about it in the course. There's just so much<laugh>. Um, so the fourth step is energy. So we are all made of energy, but sometimes people are surprised when I talk about how important this is when it comes to manifestation. As I mentioned, I'm, I'm trained in mysticism, shamanism, Reiki, astrology, and advanced energy work. I have seen firsthand how much energy work alone has transformed my life. And it's helped me heal from very deep wounds while also helping me manifest my life and helping me see that I can co-create my life. And so when, once you understand energy and then how to clear your own energy every day, it really expedites the process because it's another way to heal. So sometimes I'll do readings on people and I'll see that energy is blocked in a certain chakra. So that's a sign that something in that chakra needs to be healed and I'll help them heal it. Um, recently I have been trained in Silva, mind control and quantum jumping, which is really, really mind blowing. And I'm so excited to talk more about that. I talked a little bit about that on my last solo episode. And then I did a free training last week on quantum jumping. So I'll, I'll be doing another one soon, but basically the premise is that we're all born with E P and intuition, but as we grow up, those abilities, get pushed down again, due to our parents and society, not blaming them. It's just the way it is. This has been really eye opening for me, even after like eight years of training in all of these other energetic spaces. So I just love helping, uh, women get back in touch with these superpowers and really taking control of their lives. So the next step is amplification and this step is key, just like they all are. They definitely work together and they build upon each other. The amplification step is about having a daily manifestation practice that works for you. It doesn't have to be the exact same as someone else. So in my course, I give my students a lot of different techniques to choose from. And so I do recommend though that everybody does their visualizations and their IM affirmations, right, when you're falling asleep and then right upon waking because you are in usually theta or alpha, and that's where you can create new programs that you want to bring into your life. So, but the other techniques, I mean that literally takes a few minutes to do that. Just getting into the habit of doing it while you're falling asleep, because whatever you're thinking about as you fall asleep will remain in your subconscious mind for like up to four hours. So it's a really great way to plant new beliefs, but for the other techniques, some people love writing. So there's like daily writing techniques. I teach specifically scripting and there's kind of a unique spin on the way that I do it. And then other people's are other people are visual. So I'll teach them visualization exercises, but then also how to create a vision board that actually really works. Um, and then the final step is collaboration. So I have a beautiful relationship with my guides angels, my spirit team. I try to speak to them every day. I show them gratitude and they are here for me. They're supporting me on this path. And during my darkest moments, when I've asked for help, they always come through and they can help you too. But you have to know how to ask them. I mean, it can be as simple as just asking them, but I have been trained also in how to work with angels and work with your spirit team. So in my course, I teach my students how to collaborate with their guides and angels and, and even how to collaborate with source itself. So this might sound a bit overwhelming, but it's not once you start doing it. And especially when you start to see those wins or synchronistic events, which means you're on the right track. And so someone asked me recently to explain what my course actually entails, because you know what, I will be honest. I am not great at marketing.<laugh>, I'm actually reading several books on copywriting and, you know, building a landing page, it's just, it's so much work. And for those of you who have been in like digital course academy with me or other courses, you know what I'm talking about, but I'm not the best at marketing and really sharing in detail, like what goes into this course? So I am doing this, um, specifically for those who asked, basically when you purchase my course manifestation mastery, you get all the prerecorded videos from the last course I taught. So you get all of those for free, which is a$300 value then each week. So you can watch those at any time. Then each week will meet, uh, for about an hour and I will teach for a while. Then I will coach you and then I'll share, um, exercises and techniques for us to do together and for you to do for that week. So it's a very collaborative and supportive process. And then I do offer a one-on one for everyone that wants it for the vision board creation, because that's very specific for each person. And I like to just offer that while I can, once this, once these courses get too full, I won't be able to offer that anymore, but right now I still can. So if you have any questions about what I've shared here, you wanna learn more, check the show notes, I'll link a free 30 minute masterclass where I share three secrets about manifestation. And you'll also see a link to join my course, which begins on July 26th. And it goes for eight weeks. You can always reach out to me as well, make sure you follow me on Instagram at Angela Marie Christian. And I hope this was helpful for you. And if you enjoy this podcast, please give it a positive review. I've not been asking that enough, but it would mean so much to me. If you could do that as that really helps me get into the ears of more amazing people like you. So thank you so much for listening, much love to you. And I can't wait to hear about how your dreams come true. Well, ladies, that wraps it up. Thank you so much for being a part of my circle. Check out the show notes for all the links I mentioned and some surprise ones, please make sure to subscribe. And if you're feeling generous, leave a review, especially if I was able to help you out in some way. That helps me get into the ears of more women like us who are ready to level up their lives. Join me for wellness Wednesday on Instagram at Angela Marie Christian, I'll share mindfulness techniques for you to do at home at the office or on the go until next time my friends stay safe.