The 5D CFO

Why the Subconscious Mind is the Key to Manifesting your Dream Life...and 4 Ways to Start Reprogramming It

May 29, 2022 Angela Marie Christian Season 1 Episode 15
The 5D CFO
Why the Subconscious Mind is the Key to Manifesting your Dream Life...and 4 Ways to Start Reprogramming It
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In this solo episode, I share information about the difference between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind . Both minds work very differently and it's important to understand their functions when it comes to manifesting your dream life.

The conscious mind only rules about 5% of our life, but it's what makes us "us." It's our identity, our thoughts, and creativity. 

The subconscious mind rules about 95% of our life and is created from subconscious "programs" we developed during the last trimester of our mothers pregnancy through age 7. The subconscious mind is like a mega computer, storing habits and "facts" (even when they're not actual facts).

By noticing what you struggle with most in life, you'll be able to see where your unhelpful programs reside.  Do you struggle with relationships? Money ?

Whatever comes easy to you means that you have programs that support it.  Whatever is a struggle means you have programs that don't support it.

From ages 0 to 7 we are in Theta, which is a state below consciousness.  During that time, our programs are created.  As adults, we can tap into Theta to begin reprogramming (during hypnosis, using our imagination, right before we fall asleep, and right upon waking).

I discuss various ways to begin reprogramming your subconscious mind as, until your conscious mind and subconscious mind "agree" on something, you'll never be able to rise above what your subconscious mind deems "factual."


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Speaker 1:

Welcome to her circle, a virtual women's group, where the focus is leveling up your life. My name is Angela Christian, and I'm your host. I hope you navigate a new path in your life while I do the same, whether it's mindfulness, manifestation, mental fitness, women's health or business tips. I'm your girl. After a decade in corporate finance, I'm finally pursuing a career. I love as I learn how to do this, I'll share every step of the way. Not only that, but I'll teach you how to become more, present, how to listen to your higher self and how to listen to your body. My guests, and I will talk about spiritual and personal development relationships, trauma, and how to find your purpose stick with me and let's grow together. This is her circle. Well, hello loves. It's been a minute since I've done a solo episode. Um, as some of you know, I've been dealing with quite a bit. I, um, I had COVID, which knocked me down for like a solid two weeks. It was pretty hardcore. Um, I also lost my long time finance job and filed for divorce. So just a lot of changes and I needed some time to sort it all out. So, um, I do have to say that I'm so thankful for my mindfulness, spiritual and manifestation practices, honestly, without a solid practice, I would've been a total mess. I would've fallen apart. Um, while I did allow myself to experience the grief, I didn't wallow in it. I allowed my feelings to come through. I honored them, but then I let them go. That's the key. We aren't our feelings. We aren't our emotions. Once I did that, I got offered an amazing opportunity as a fractional CFO for high profile coaches. And if I hadn't lost my job, this opportunity, would've never happened. I am so thrilled. The reason I really wanted to do the solo epi episode was also because COVID really affected my mental health. Even someone as spiritually strong as me, it was tough. I felt down depressed, hopeless, sad. I could barely get out of bed. It was honestly the worst part of COVID for me. And I realized after, after talking to people I wasn't alone and I'll be honest. It was scary. I didn't feel like myself and I was really worried that I would never feel normal. Again. I was worried I would stay in that dark place and it was not a place I ever wanna be again, but every day I forced myself to meditate, to practice gratitude. And I just, basically, I faked it until I made it, but what really amplified my healing for me. And I wish I would've done this sooner. Believe it or not was hypnosis. I got an email from a company that I trust in the manifestation space. And since I was lying in bed anyway, I just figured why not? So I read a lot about hypnosis and how it can be a fast track way to reprogram your subconscious mind. And within two days of doing this hypnosis program, I was already feeling like myself again. I had energy, I was happy. I was, you know, excited. I finally started getting organized. Now I do it every morning before I even get out of bed while I'm working on a few specific things. So you can choose, you know, if you want overall, just, um, wellness or whatever. I'm currently working on a fear of speaking and getting nervous when I'm talking to high profile people during podcasts or interviews. Um, that was something I really wanted to overcome because I know with my vision and my path and what I'm here to do, I'm going to be on stage in front of thousands of people. I can't be scared. And I have gone through my adult life being very scared of speaking in business school. I actually had a pass from my psychologist that I would never have to give, um, presentations in front of the students. And it was because I tried, I tried it and I ran out of the room, mid presentation, and I was like, dry. He, it was awful. I know it came from my younger years and I had this subconscious belief that using my voice and being seen would cause pain. And I was really uncomfortable speaking in front of people and especially men. So I will give you a good example before I started this hypnosis. Um, I did an interview with Dr. John Gray, who I've actually met before in person. Okay. He is not scary. He is such a kind warm-hearted person. I was sweating. I was nervous. I was a total mess during the whole hour and a half call. I was so nervous. And so then I started this hypnosis program just last week. I, uh, was on Andy Grace's podcast, which in case you don't know her, she's a bestselling author. She has a top podcast. Both are named this naked mind. She is a fantastic woman who speaks about how quitting drinking, getting rid of alcohol completely changed her life. And so she has this amazing 30 day, uh, program. It's a free app. And I went through that and you actually learn every day, like what alcohol does to your body. And just having that knowledge like made me cut back almost entirely from drinking because once you know what's going into your body and what it's doing, it's really hard for me to just keep doing it. So anyway, I was on her podcast. I was already flustered because my computer right before it was time to hop on her zoom, my computer screen was just black and the little spinning wheel of death, I was gonna be late. So I grabbed my phone, which the battery wasn't charged<laugh> and called in with my phone. But even then I still wasn't nervous. I wasn't feeling that nervousness. And I was so surprised and she even asked me at the end of our podcast, uh, call or recording. She said, you know, I, I saw that you're an introvert. So this must be really hard for you to do these types of interviews. It made me realize, yes, it was really hard for me, but this one wasn't. And I, I know it was because of the hypnosis. I just know it because I specifically did these hypnosis, um, programs for confidence and being an entrepreneur and being, um, a multimillionaire. And then I even did like a billionaire one. Um, and that instilled confidence in me. Then this week, I also spoke to Jacqueline Johnson, who is the best selling author. She's an angel investor. She's just a total badass woman, not an ounce of nervousness, just pure excitement. The real test will be next week. I, um, won a coveted spot to pitch, to Brit Mor and a group of women investors. And if I can get through that presentation without feeling nervous, I have to say, I think I've been cured. So today's topic will be four ways that we can reprogram our subconscious mind for health, wealth, and love. I typically choose wealth and love because almost everything comes down to either money or love, right? Although there are people who obviously care about their health as well, which includes me. The biggest blocks though, seem to be money and love from childhood. Before I get into the, how I wanna provide a little BR a background for anyone unfamiliar with how the subconscious mind works or how it might be different from the conscious mind. First of all, we actually have two minds that are interdependent. They work together, but they learn in very different ways and they function quite differently. The mind you're probably most familiar with is the conscious mind. The conscious mind is located right behind the forehead and the prefrontal cortex. The conscious mind is you it's creativity connected to spirituality. The conscious mind is your identity, but it only rules 5% of our lives. So the reason why this is so important to know is let's say you read a book that's super inspiring. You walk away with all of these insights, all of these aha moments, can't wait to implement it. That's great. However, your subconscious mind doesn't work like that. And it probably didn't learn anything from it. And the reason why that's important is because your mind rules, 95% of your life, your subconscious mind has very little creativity. You can think of it like a computer program from ages zero to seven. It was simply watching and recording things as factual, as I said, 95% of our life is ruled by our subconscious. Just let that sink in. Most people believe our conscious mind is what rules our life, but that's false. It's easy to think that because those are the thoughts that we hear, right? But you really need to understand this in order to live your best life. And if you're a parent, please be aware of what you're saying and what you're exposing your children to from your last trimester pregnancy through age seven. Those are key key times before age seven, the brain operates below consciousness at a level called theta. Theta is imagination. So when your five year old is having a tea party, that's real tea in their empty cups. Or if they're riding a broom around the house, that's not a broom to them. That's a horse. So when you say, Hey, gimme that broom back. Like just be kind, try to understand that this, this life for them is real. So theta is hypnosis programming and imagination. Another way to think about this is whatever the child, including you experiences or experienced from ages zero to seven, those all become programs. And sadly, most of us didn't have super empowering childhood experiences, right? So that's why this is so important to understand for manifesting and also for creating a new parenting paradigm. If you yell at your child, who do you think you are? You can't do that. Your child is not going to stop and think, Hmm, she's right. Maybe I shouldn't be doing that. No, your child from ages zero to seven is not thinking it's being programmed. So whatever you say to your child from ages zero to seven will be programmed into them. So I really hope this helps you see from your perspective, you know, looking back, which it's, it can be hard to remember ages zero to seven, but if you can remember anything, it's a very, very important time. 95% of our life comes from those pro programs and only 5% comes from creativity. But when you learn how to bypass this, the programs won't run and the creativity will start helping you manifest your dream life. This is the type of manifestation I teach in my courses in my coaching. I do not teach fluff. I teach science fact yes, with spirituality manifestation techniques, because I have seen results from my life. And that's what I now share with others. So you'll never hear me just say like, oh, just do affirmations and just, you know, all this like fluffy light stuff. No, we're gonna get deep. And we're going to reprogram. So to dive in a little deeper, the subconscious mind has very little creativity. As I said, it is simply where habits and patterns come from. It's like a super computer. It's so much more powerful than the conscious mind. It's like a million times more powerful. It learns to control the body and respond to our experiences. When we learn something complex, the subconscious remembers it as a program. So an example is if you didn't have a subconscious mind every day, when you got up, you would have to relearn how to walk. So the subconscious is basically a habit database. How do we reprogram it? If you are going to do this alone without a manifestation coach like me, then you'll need to really understand where you're struggl struggling most in life. Is it hard for you to stay in relationships? Is it hard to keep money flowing? Where are you struggling that will tell you where the unhelpful programs reside, anything that's easy and comes naturally to you means that you have a program to support that, but anything that's difficult means you have a program that doesn't support it. So also I recommend getting a journal where all you do is write down any and all negative thoughts about yourself or others. Those are more clues. And you wanna just look at this like a scientific investigation. Don't get hard on yourself, just audit. So here's the question of the hour? How do we change our programs into our goals and desires? So there's really four ways. And I'm going to do a very surface level, um, explanation of these in this episode. But in further episodes, I will dive deeper. So let's talk about hypnosis. First hypnosis is basically what we were in for the first seven years of life. During this time, our mind was operating at a very low vibrational frequency. Like I said, it's called theta. Theta is a very receptive state. And as adults, we can tap into our natural theta state, right before we fall asleep. And just before we wake up also during any type of like intense imagination. So I teach all my clients very specific affirmations to do during this time, depending on what they're trying to bring into life, as well as visualizations. So I recommend imagining your dream, your goal as if it's already happened, or if it's hap or as if it's happening right before you fall asleep. Because whatever you're thinking about in the last five minutes of wakefulness will get cemented into the subconscious for up to four hours during dream time. So just imagine if you do that every night, you are going to create habits and you're going to reprogram your subconscious mind. Our subconscious is the most comfortable during sleep. So that's why it's such a key time to start this. Um, reprogramming. As I mentioned, I've been doing hypnosis every morning for about a week now, and I've seen a huge shift. I'm actually going to create a hypnosis program specifically for manifestation because of the enormous shift that I've seen in my myself. I want to teach this to everybody else. So stay tuned, make sure you're subscribed to my newsletter for updates. I typically only send out one email a week, sometimes only one per month. So you won't be bombarded with emails, but you will get any updates about programs that I'm running. If you're super interested in hypnosis and you can't wait,<laugh> just email me. Um, Angela, Angela, Marie, And I'll share some information with you about where I would recommend starting. So the second way is habits through repetition. We create habits, which was the primary way we developed subconscious programs after age seven, but this can't just be like sticky notes on the mirror. This actually has to be like, felt and experienced. This can be difficult if we're actually experiencing something in great contrast to what we want. So while I jokingly say fake it until you make it, I, I do recommend that. And at some point it won't feel fake. For example, my goal is, um, my dream home up on a hill. And I imagine it every night before bed, I imagine it during my meditation, I imagine it right, right when I'm waking up and it used to feel so far off until I started, you know, thinking about it on a daily basis. And it's real to me, I know it's going to be real. I know in my heart, but at first it didn't feel real. So just know the more that you think about it, the more comfortable it will feel. And now I can see it right now. I can see the driveway. I can see the kitchen. I can see every piece of this house. That's going to be mine. However, I do say, you know, this is the house that I'm going to have or something better. So you always wanna leave room for something better because when you manifest it, doesn't always show up in the way that you want. And a good example of this is I had been manifesting, you know, getting out of my finance job and having my manifestation, um, coaching and my mental fitness coaching be my primary career. Then I lost my finance job and that's not the way that I had planned. However, I did manifest that. And now of course, I've been offered this other great opportunity. So it's all worked out, but you do need to be open to, to it turning out even better. So remember habits are by repeating something over and over and over again, practicing, repeating, practicing. Okay. So number three is called super learning and belief change. And this can be, there's like a huge list of things this could be. But what I like specifically is NLP neurolinguistic programming in this, I will cover in, um, more detail later. And so this is something somewhat new for me as well. And I'm learning this through this wonderful program I'm in with Eli wild. I'm also learning it within the same program that I learned the hypnosis. So NLP is huge. And I, I respect a lot of other women in this field who use NLP, um, to heal as well. So there's another one that I've just discovered called psych K. So that's psych dash K and it's defined as a simple process that provides direct communication with your subconscious mind. And it provides a unique way to identify and change these subconscious beliefs that are responsible for behaviors you would like to change. And these behaviors are unconsciously sabotaging, even your best intentions. Um, so I will be taking a program a three day training, um, to get certified as a psych K practitioner. So I'm really excited about that. I will keep you posted another way is called biofield tuning, which I have an appointment coming up to see how that works. I love experimenting on myself.<laugh> and then letting you guys know, um, and then a couple other ways are cranial release technique. I love that body talk systems, which I'm not super familiar with. Um, and then emotional freedom technique, which I love. And I have, um, EFT practitioners coming into my group coaching, um, to teach my ladies. So that's something I love. So just remember when you rewrite the software of your mind, you change the printout of your life and ultimately the world. So super learning like in an overarching kind of definition involves new belief modification programs that engage the brain's super learning processes, which from what I've, um, researched can change these programs literally within minutes. So I will compile some resources for you in the show notes, the final way, which hopefully none of us will have to deal with is high impact events. So sometimes someone might rapidly rewrite programs after an overwhelmingly or psychologically traumatizing life experience like being diagnosed with a terminal illness. So I've heard of this before. I'm sure you have. So one day they're terminally ill the next day. They're not, it's something that's not able to be explained and it's puzzling yet, you know, and then conventional doctors will even say, oh, well maybe it was incorrectly diagnosed even though the tests and the scans all say like, yes, this is what they're being diagnosed with. According to Dr. Lewis, Mel Madrona, author of coyote medicine, spontaneous remission is often accompanied by a change of story. So many of these people empower themselves with the intention that they against. All odds are able to choose a different fate. Others simply let go of their old way of life with, you know, all of the stress, um, figuring they might as well relax and enjoy the time they have left and somewhere in the act of fully living out their lives, their disease vanishes. So this is the ultimate example of the power of the placebo effect, right? Where taking a sugar pill isn't even needed and we all have this power. So what's the catch and last piece of the puzzle being fully present, being fully present in this life. Okay. So through these four processes, we can rewrite destructive programs that occupy our subconscious field, all of us, yes, including you can safely and easily rewrite limiting subconscious programs using one of these four fundamental ways to install new subconscious behaviors. And I want you to remember this. We are not victims of anything other than the programs we are operating from. Change the programs you are operating from. If your subconscious programs match the wishes, goals, and desires of your conscious mind, your life will be exactly where you want it to be. You will live a long and happy life, and that is the goal. Isn't it. If you want one-on-one manifestation coaching and healing with me, I currently have five open spots, just five. And once they're filled, I won't have any for, for a few months. Um, I'll also have a free five day manifestation challenge coming up in mid to late June. So stay tuned, you know, just come join that five day free manifestation challenge, make sure you're on my, uh, subscribe to my newsletter because I share all upcoming events and any kinds of trainings or workshops in that newsletter. So I will link all of this in the show notes. I also have a wait list already going for the, um, the manifestation challenge. So I will share that as well. Send me any questions that you have. If you're interested in hearing more about any of this, please let me know. I always teach what I actually have learned. Um, so that's why I like to go through these programs first, before I start teaching them. Um, because I wanna see how they work. Remember you can manifest anything you desire into your life. It just takes the commitment to acknowledge that you have these programs, do the work to reprogram them and stay in alignment and also take daily aligned action. That is key. And that's where a lot of people miss out. And that's where the secret led a lot of people astray, which I will go into in detail in my upcoming book, uh, released it'll be released sometime this summer. I'm not quite sure of the exact date yet. I need to check with my publisher, but I hope that was helpful. Let me know if any of these things, um, inspire you to do some work. And if you have, you know, some success, I love hearing about that. So let me know, have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend and stay tuned for next week when I have an exciting guest Elena Benson off, um, of holistic ink. So bye for now.

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Ladies that wraps it up. Thank you so much for being a part of my circle. Check out the show notes for all the links I mentioned and some surprise ones, please make sure to subscribe. And if you're feeling generous, leave a review, especially if I was able to help you out in some way. That helps me get into the ears of more women like us who are ready to level up their lives. Join me for wellness Wednesday on Instagram at Angela Marie Christian, I'll share mindfulness techniques for you to do at home at the office or on the go until next time my friends stay safe.