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Her Circle

Angela Marie Christian

Have you been dreaming of leveling up your life? Are you ready to transform and become the wealthiest, healthiest version of YOU? Welcome to Her Circle, the podcast. A virtual bridge connecting people all over the world.This is a podcast for anyone who has been longing to join an enlightening space where the focus will be: manifestation, spiritual development, mental fitness, neuroscience, entrepreneur tips, and more! I’m your host, Angela Christian. When I’m not working on my next podcast episode, you’ll find me with my kids, reading, meditating or writing my book. Why should you listen to Her Circle? Because with every episode, I will share more ways to improve your mindfulness, increase your connection to the Universe, all while bettering your health, relationships, and even business. In each episode I will give specific action steps to turn chaos to calm while also speaking to experts who will help you improve your mind, body & spirit connection. Whether you’re struggling with a lack of direction or toxic patterns, I will provide support in all areas of life as it's all connected. Don't forget to Subscribe or follow now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Have a blessed day! XO
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